Board of Directors 2018-2019

Executive Board
President: Lisa Fleming
Vice President: Char Marrazzo
Secretary: Susan Oakes
Membership Secretary:
Lily Kawafuchi & Denise Buessing
Treasurer: Isabella Diaz
Media Director: Carlos Pineda
Past President: Denise Sellers


Michelle Adams
Majid Bahriny
Patricia Bentson
Elaine Bonino
Dianna Brenneise
Denise Brolin
Denise Brown
Denise Buessing
Tom Cline
Isabella Diaz
Carol DiFiore

Lisa E Fleming
Deanna Franklin
Diane Green
Leslie Griffis
Lily Kawafuchi
Char Marrazzo
Danny Martin
Susan Oakes
John Perales
Michelle Pierson

Blanca Ramirez
Beatriz Ramos
Norma Rymers
Denise Sellers
Christine Shackle
Roy Shackle
Debbie Shrull
JoEllen Syth
Mark Turner
Eleanor Villareal
Shirley E. Willard


Become a Member

Here are great reasons to join

Helping Others. Exchangites provide community service locally.
Business Development. Exchangites come from all walks of life and help each other and collectively help others.
Friendship. Exchange provides a regular opportunity for fellowship with people who have similar interests.
Citizenship. Membership in Exchange makes one a better community citizen.
Leadership Development. Serving in Exchange one learns to motivate, influence and lead.
Fun. Exchange is fun. Each meeting is fun. The club projects are fun. And, the service is fun.

The Gilroy Exchange Club provides a number of outstanding opportunities to make new friends, build business relationships, exchange ideas, and support your local community. To become a member of the Gilroy Exchange Club, please contact one of our members or click here.